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Transparent Quartz Rod

Clear fused quartz rod, with excellent dimensional stability, minimal airlines and inclusions, excellent electrical property, widely used in electronics, semiconductor, fiber optic handles and other many different industries.
- Size Available from Diameter 2mm up to 100mm.
- Length available up to 3000mm.
- No lining, no bubble, no scratch in first grade quality.

Transparent Quartz Plate/Disc

These materials are made by high purity quartz sand & crystal flour, melted into quartz lump by high temperature furnace, process as quartz plate and quartz disc, and other Quartz instrument, low aluminum, potassium and sodium, excellent quality for scientific pursuit, aviation, laser, semiconductor, optical window, infrared heater industries and possible most critical semiconductor processed, look-in Eye from high temperature, high pressure, UV, infrared quartz glass.

Available Size:

- Polished quartz glass plate/ disc: 400 x 500 mm.
- Milky white quartz glass plate / disc: 500 x 500 mm.
- Thickness: According to customers request.

We have following main products:
1) Optical Quartz Disc.
2) Quartz Disc for protecting high temperature & high pressure.
3) Milky white quartz glass disc.

Glass Properties:

Glass Type CH-30
Density @ 20 (±05g/CM2) 2.2
Thermal Expansion (cm/cmoC) 5.4 x 10 -7
Rigidity Modulus (Mpa) 3.2 x 10 4
Compressibility Modulus (Mpa) 2 x 10 4
Expansion Heat Coefficient 0.5x10-6/oC
Young’s Modulus (x 104 kg/ mm2) 7.4
Moh's Hardness 6.7
Poisson Density 0.17
Tensile Elasticity / Shear Coefficient (Mpa) 70
High-Temperature working length (oC) 1700-2100
Softening Point (oC) 1730
Refractive Index 1.4585
Annealing Point (oC) 1180
Strain Point (oC) 1075
Resistivity (CM) @ 350 oC 7 x 109
Dielectrical Constant (@ 1Mhz) 3.75